Belgrade, November 6-7, 2023

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Jove Ilića 154, 11040 Belgrade

Conference Organizer




SERBIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – Belgrade Chamber of Commerce

The Business and Science Conference (SPIN) is a scientific and professional conference organized since 2003 by the Center for Operations Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, in collaboration with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.

This year’s XIV Business and Science Conference SPIN ’23 is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of economic development based on modern digital solutions arising from the rapid development of information and communication technologies and artificial intelligence. It also focuses on green development, which enables responsible management of natural resources through a transition from non-renewable to renewable resources without compromising the ecosystem balance on which human well-being depends.

The theme of the SPIN ’23 conference is „Digital and Green Economic Development,“ with the primary objective of disseminating ideas, knowledge, international and national best practices, as well as the experiences of conference participants, and presenting the opportunities and solutions provided by digital and green economic development. The conference serves as a unique national forum with international participation for discussing current issues and exchanging the latest information and concrete solutions that operations management can offer to international, regional, and national business practices.

We expect the participation of entrepreneurs, managers, government and other organizations and institutions on one hand, and participants from academic circles, researchers, and consultants from universities and scientific institutes, both from Serbia and leading scientific and educational institutions from the region, on the other hand. The conference activities will be conducted through round tables, plenary sessions, panel discussions, and thematic sessions, where the latest knowledge about the possibilities, challenges, advantages, and solutions of digital and green economic development will be presented.

On behalf of the Program and Organizing Committee, we are honored to invite you to contribute to the success of the XIV Business and Science Conference SPIN ’23. You can do so by presenting the results of your scientific research, participating in panel discussions, and showcasing examples of your good business practices. In this way, both the profession and academia will contribute to the responsible and necessary digital and green development of not only the Serbian economy but also the regional economy.

Chair of the Program Committee

Nataša Petrović, PhD, FOS, Belgrade

Chair of the Organizing Committee

Marko Ćirović, PhD, FOS, Belgrade